30 Facts you should have about being an Entrepreneur

Here are the top 30 answers from real full-time creative entrepreneurs to the question:

The thing no one tells you about becoming a full-time entrepreneur is:

  1. That there is no "one way" to run your business. There's no secret formula.
  2. There will be a lot of people jealous of your drive... and will even go as far as belittling your effort because they lack the same ambition.
  3. You have to be mentally prepared. Prepared for success, your workday, dealing with customers, emergencies, and feeling like you should give up.
  4. Success is a mental game.
  5. Full time entrepreneurship is a 24/7 venture.
  6. How much money should be saved up first.
  7. There's going to be some REAL shitty days but the great days make it all worth it.
  8. It takes a lot of work before you see any results.
  9. You have to be good at it all (designing, finances, marketing, content creation) until you are able to hire out (which will be a long time).
  10. You see through smoke and mirrors. You can recognize and avoid the latest fads before the rest of your non entrepreneurial peers.
  11. While others get a kick out spending $$$ for a spa treatment, you get a kick out spending $$ for a business course.
  12. How lonely it can be.
  13. That you should just START! You'll figure out a lot along the way.... so stop trying to wait until its perfect... START!
  14. You’ll work harder and longer than any 'job' you've ever had and in the end, good or bad, it all comes down to you.
  15. You’ll also get a chance to learn a lot about yourself and will often be surprised at what you can accomplish just because there is no one else to do it.
  16. Every idea that looks really easy and logical really has about 17 hidden things you'll have to learn.
  17. Your brain keeps working even when you consciously take a day off.
  18. The ups and downs are like a rollercoaster ride, so strap in and be prepared to fight for your dreams.
  19. Some months you'll make a lot of money, then some months you'll make goose eggs.
  20. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. It's something inside you that says, 'I see things differently' and taking ownership of all you do.
  21. The self care you'll need will require a true commitment. Build it into your business.
  22. Nothing is linear. You'll think you need to do A to get to B but really A will lead to 1a which leads to 2, to 3, to Yellow and then Blue which might FINALLY lead you back to B, into infinity.
  23. You’ll need to make a thousand decisions, none of them are easy and no one has the perfect answer; make a choice using the best information you have and move on.
  24. Get comfortable with making mistakes, you're going to make a lot of them.
  25. You have to step into your leadership. You don’t need permission to be great.
  26. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  27. No one tells you about the inner work that you inevitably have to do in order to progress and face your procrastination/perfectionism/imposter syndrome/fears. So, clarify your core values, and never stop evolving.
  28. Starting out is hard. You’re starting from scratch which means you have to create your own systems, policies, come up with new designs, complete what you started and be willing to change it all if it doesn’t work.
  29. Even though you probably started this journey in the hopes of greater work-life balance, you actually have to go through a significant period of unbalanced time before things start to even out.
  30. It's a lot of lonely hard work that most of your family or friends won't understand and they will ask you so often when you are going to get a real job that you will start to wonder yourself. Don't give up!

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