How to use Affiliates

Affiliate commissions are a great way generate more income out of your pattern sales. It's a win/win for designers because you have a huge say in what yarns, tools and resources should be used for your projects. 

Here you'll find the best way to use affiliates and a FREE eBook that's packed with affiliate programs that are perfect for hand knit and crochet designers.  

An affiliate marketing strategy is a commission based program that relies on traffic which is another reason why I advise to link your pattern sales directly to your own website. You  then have more control to use your relationship with your audience to generate affiliate income. 

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing at its very core is about relationships. Relationships between the:

  1. Advertiser (the product seller) 
  2. You (the business that promotes the product)   
  3. Consumer (the customer who takes action on the product you promote)

The advertiser depends on your relationship with your audience and your website traffic in order to help promote and sell their product and in return, offers you a small commission for every lead or sale.

When you promote affiliates by promoting yarn and tools that help complete knitting and crochet project, you benefit two ways:

  1. Selling your pattern, product or service  
  2. Earning a commission on the sale of yarn and/or tools

BHooked Crochet is an example of how to use your Amazon affiliate to promote yarns and tools. Click HERE to see her pattern, blog post and how she uses affiliate links. 

How to Promote Affiliate Links

As a Crochet or Hand Knit Pattern Designer you could promote:

  • The features of your design to sell the pattern 
  • The features and available colors to sell the yarn   
  • The features and benefits to promote the tools

Content Upgrade Ideas

You can also use the above information to create a downloadable ebook or guide that lists your stitch pattern instructions, video links and list of the tools to use as a content upgrade on your website.  This way you:

  1. Sell patterns 
  2. Generate affiliate commissions 
  3. Subscribe more crafters to your newsletter

Why using Affiliate Links Work

Knitters and crocheters want to accurately duplicate your design so they’ll use what you suggest. This includes your stitch patterns, finishing and blocking techniques and the tools you used. Click HERE to read my article about what crafters want in patterns. 

In order to be successful in affiliate marketing, your customers need to trust your recommendations for the products and services you're promoting. That’s why affiliate marketing is a marketing technique that's based on relationships. 

Amy Lynn Andrews has some great tips about affiliate marketing. You can read it HERE.

This relationship is cultivated primarily through your email newsletter but your website blog posts, social media posts also add to your credibility and expertise. 

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