How Your Business is Like a Ball of Yarn

What happens when you walk into a yarn store?

The abundance of design possibilities stops you dead in your tracks. 

You smell the intermingling of different fibers and dyes, you see a cornucopia of colors and textures and you get a rush of endorphins that instantly puts you in your happy place.

You walk around in a blissful haze letting the yarn draw you in. You catch a glimpse of your favorite yarn company’s yarn band. You walk towards this familiar fiber because you know you can always count on this company to deliver the colors, fibers and textures you need to create beautiful projects. 

You don’t have a particular design in mind, you prefer to let the yarn speak to you. You pick up a skein from your favorite company and test the ‘hand’ by feeling it, squishing it and turning it over and over. You read the yarn label as your inspiration swirls into the beginning of a beautiful garment. 

You browse the store. You’re looking for something that may work for the pattern swirling in your head. You look at, feel and squish other yarns but after your third trip around the store, you realize that your favorite yarn company had what you needed all along. You grab a basket and load up on that beautiful yarn and head home to begin your project.

How your Business is like Yarn

Crafters shop for patterns the same way you shop for yarn. They’re drawn to and come to rely on what they can depend on. They’re loyal to the pattern business that understands them and what they want and need in a project. They’re loyal to businesses that speak their language and offers the type of content that interests them. 

Crafters aren’t merely looking for a project; they’re looking for a Crafting Experience. 

Crafters may initially encounter you on Ravelry or other platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. Your logo, brand colors and visual branding elements may have convinced them to check you out, but it’s always your internal branding message that will encourage crafters to connect with you on a deeper level. 

Crafters ‘pick up’ your business just like picking up a skein of yarn, they test your ‘hand’ by reading your content, taking a look at your About Page and getting to know you on social media. They may choose to engage with you by subscribing to your newsletter where your welcome email sequence will give them everything they need to make the decision to connect with you and your business. 

Your welcome sequence should introduce crafters to your message, values and design aesthetic and encourage them to take further action; like visiting your online store to see what value you’re offering and even make a purchase.

If your business doesn’t answer their crafting needs, they’re going to put you back on the shelf. You don’t want to be in the end-of-the-season bargain bin. You want…

  • To sell more patterns, products and services
  • A business that attracts your perfect crafters
  • To make true and lasting connection with your target audience

How Branding Helps You

Offering a unique crafting experience gives you the opportunity to create a business that’s a true reflection of you and attracts the type of crafters that you want to create for.

An experience that:

  • Makes you memorable
  • Connects emotionally with your audience 
  • Helps you stand out from other designers
  • Engages and converts 
  • Showcases your unique talents, interests and abilities

You want crafters to be excited abut your projects and content. You want them to seek you out and be their go-to when they’re looking for a project to knit or crochet. 

Crafters want and need to connect. 

If you want to be the first stop your ideal customer makes when they’re creating their next project, you have to ask yourself:

  • What sets you apart from designers offering similar projects?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • How are you communicating with your target audience?
  • Do you have a target audience?
  • Who is your Ideal Crafting Customer?
  • Have you developed your Brand Identity?
  • Are you where your audience can find you?

A business is more than logos, colors and creative imagery. It’s an experience that reaches beyond those visual elements. Every encounter a crafter has with your business gives her insight into you that no logo could fully express. 

Marketing your business is all about the experience you deliver to your customers with each and every interaction. The more irresistible their encounter with you, the faster you can build brand loyalty (repeat sales). 

Here are four reasons you ned to create a unique Brand Experience for your Pattern Design Business:

  • It sets you apart from the competition
  • It keeps your clear and focused on your purpose and message
  • It establishes your identity in the industry
  • It helps you attract, engage and convert your ideal target audience

Why care about a Brand Experience?

The online business model is changing and crafters are sophisticated. They’re looking for more than a pdf download. 

Crafters no longer select patterns, products and services by features and benefits alone. Promoting features and benefits no longer work because there are so many competitors who copy each other's features as soon as they're introduced. The only way to differentiate yourself is by creating a crafting experience that is unique to you. 

  • Crafters have too many choices and too little time
  • Many projects have similar design elements
  • Crafters base their buying choices on trust

Because there are so many pattern choices, designers have to look for ways to connect emotionally with crafters and create long-term relationships. Crafters fall in love with brands who offer them an unique crafting experience. They trust and believe in them.

Having a Brand Experience is proving to be one of the most important aspects of any business. Designers who concentrate on their branding are better able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and have more profitable marketing campaigns.

It doesn't matter if you're big or super small. Businesses with a unique Brand Experience are killing it in the marketplace. 

Are you ready to create a Brand Experience that attracts, engages and creates a loyal following?

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Sticks & String,