What's a Brand Identity?

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Your Brand Identity is the visual representation of all the hard work you’ve put into building the inside framework of your business. Only after you’ve designed the inner Framework of your business which includes:

Only after developing the inner framework of your business should you design a visual Brand Identity to represent your message. Your brand identity visually reflects and represents your framework (message) to attract your Target Audience.

If you don’t have a Mission Statement, Brand Story or Unique Selling Proposition, check out Design Your Brand. This 241-page workbook guides you step-by-step to create the perfect Branding Strategy for your business.

What’s a Brand Identity?

Your Brand Identity is the unique way your pattern business expresses itself. Just like the clothes you wear to express your individual personality, a Brand Identity is the clothes your business wears to express its individual personality.

A Brand Identity includes the business:

  • Name
  • Personality
  • Communication Style
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • Images
  • Templates

A strong Brand Identity is designed to reflect what your business stands for and the value and crafting experience you provide while attracting your target crafting audience. Its as if your business won most likely to succeed and best dressed in high school. Your business is the complete package.

What's a Brand Strategy?

Your pattern business is more than a logo, name or tagline — it's the entire crafting experience your customers have with your business, pattern, product or service. Your brand strategy defines what you stand for. It's the promise you make, the values you stand for. the and the personality you express. 

A Brand Strategy a strategic way of getting your audience to see and experience your business in a specific way.

Your Brand Strategy works with your marketing and selling strategies to create a more profitable business. 

Each of these strategies has a specific duty:

  • Branding has the job of attracting the right audience while letting crafters know who you are.
  • Marketing has the job of keeping your business in the minds of your target audience.
  • Selling has the job of converting interest into sales.

The Elements of a Brand Identity

Your Brand Identity is more than a pretty website and images. It’s the process of attracting while informing and differentiating. That means you’re using the elements in your Brand Identity to create a craft experience that shows that you’re different from other designers and attracts and engages the right audience for your business. 

Let's take a look at the elements of a Brand Identity.

Business Name

Choosing the right name for your business is a crucial step in your Brand Identity. It helps crafters easily identify and recognize you. Your name has just as much recognition power as your logo.

Your business name sets the tone for what crafters can experience with you. It would be very confusing if my business is named L Knits but I actually talk about building decks and patios. My business name wouldn’t meet the expectations of crafters looking for information about building their pattern business, and homeowners looking to build their own decks and patios would never, ever, find me.

Your name should be easy to remember. It should also be easy to say and spell. And, it should represent the vision and purpose you have for your business. If it doesn’t, you better have one hell of a brand story to back up why you have such an unconventional business name. And, that brand story will have to be at the center of your marketing strategy.

In Design Your Brand, I take you through five different approaches you can use to name your design business.

Business Personality

The big question here is: How do you want crafters to feel when they interact with your business? The personality of your business revolves around the feeling and perceptions you want your audience to have about your business.

This is where your business can shine! This the element of your Brand Identity that separates you from any other designer. Designers can have similar design styles, but they won’t have the same business personality or offer the same crafting experience.

Your business personality is what anchors the other brand identity elements. It affects the way you communicate, the colors you use, the design of your logo, the fonts you choose, and images and templates you select to represent the crafting experience you offer.

In Design Your Brand, I help you figure out how you want crafters to feel when they engage with your business and help you choose the type of personality that best suits you and your business.

Communication Style

How does your business sound? How do you communicate with your crafting audience? What’s your ‘Voice’?

The way you communicate is comparable to the way you ‘finish’ your knit or crochet projects. We all know how important the finishing process is in the way a project looks, feels and wears. It’s the same with your communication style.

You could have designed and created the most beautiful pattern, but if the photos show sloppy finishing, all that detail work doesn’t matter. It's the same with your business. It doesn’t matter if you blog, podcast, or produce videos, the way you communicate with your audience has to be in alignment with the brand personality you’ve presented.

The branding goal is a cohesive experience no matter the platform. That includes the words you use and your style of communicating.

And YES! Design Your Brand can help you with that too. 


After your logo, your brand colors can become the most recognizable aspect of your business. Your color choices are key to influencing how crafters feel about your business. A sleek, sophisticated black says something completely different than a friendly, approachable yellow.

Color influences mood and helps make your pattern business instantly recognizable. Where would Coca-Cola be without its RED or, Tiffany’s without its signature BLUE?. When you see that red can, we know we’re in for a refreshing drink. When you see that blue box, you know someone shoveled out some serious cash. That’s the power of Color.

What do you want crafters to feel about your business? In Design Your Brand, we use the psychology of color to help reflect and reinforce your message.


Selecting the right fonts has a huge influence on how crafters receive the message of your business. The right fonts can help enhance the personality of your business and impact how your business is perceived.

What’s the personality of your business? Are you the life of the craft party or are you the clean minimalist who’d rather get her point across with a few well-placed words? Is a Serif or Sans Serif right for you? Maybe a Decorative or Script fits your business better.

We'll explore fonts and how they affect the message of your business in Design Your Brand.


When most people think of branding the first thing that comes to mind is their logo. The logo is usually the first element designed for a Brand Identity and everything else is designed around it. That makes it a crucial factor in your visual branding.

Your logo has to have an impact. It has to be memorable. The more complicated your logo is, the harder it is to recognize and remember. Think about Apple or Target. You'd know that bitten apple or red bullseye anywhere. They are simple but powerful expressions of the businesses they represent.

Your logo is the one image that will come to mind when crafters think of your business. You see a swoosh on a sneaker or golden arches off the freeway and you are instantly connected to that brand. I want the same for your pattern business. 

Is your logo a good representation of your pattern business? You know where you can get help with that. Just click here and get yourself a copy.

Images and Templates

Imagery can include the style of photos you use to represent your projects, the photos or images you use for blog posts, videos, your pattern templates or any custom illustrations.

The right image can help build a strong connection between crafters and your business. 

Knitting and crochet images are hard to find. Select images that have the same ‘vibe’ (colors, feel, emotion or energy) as your business personality. L Knits has a modern, minimalist business vibe. So, I choose images that work well with the energy of my business.

Do your images and templates have the same vibe as your brand message? Do they represent the personality and message of your business? If you aren’t sure, you know where to find help. Just click here.

How to get started creating your Brand Identity

Getting started branding or rebranding is easier than you think. I have a few ways you can start the branding or rebranding process for your pattern design business. 


 Click here to get your copy!

Click here to get your copy!

Design Your Brand is a complete branding experience.

It's great for designers who are just starting out or looking to overhaul their business. If you’re not sure how to get started, this 241-page workbook takes you step-by-step to build a brand that’s cohesive, focused and attracts and engages the right audience. 

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 Click here to get your copy!

Click here to get your copy!

Design Your Brand Identity is for the designer who's message doesn't match their visuals or voice.

If your colors, images, style of communication and logos are all over the place, this stand-alone 70-page workbook is just the ticket to build a cohesive visual presence that gets your message across and attracts the right crafters.

This section is included in DESIGN YOUR BRAND and available a la carte.


 Click here to get your copy!

Click here to get your copy!

If you aren't sure who you're branding for, Design Your Audience is a great place to start.

Branding is all about attracting the right crafting audience TO your business. This 42-page workbook will help you develop the perfect crafters for your business.

This section is included in DESIGN YOUR BRAND and available a la carte.

Why having a Brand Identity is important

Branding is something that pattern designers are familiar with and often know that they need but sometimes can’t justify the investment or are unable to explain why they need it. Here’s a list of why having a strong brand is an important investment in the success and profitability of your design business.

  • Your Brand Identity makes you memorable.
  • It makes you unique and different from other designers.
  • Branding shows that you understand your audience.
  • A well-planned and executed brand strategy attracts the perfect audience for your business.
  • It lets crafters know what kind of craft experience they can expect.
  • Branding builds trust and loyalty and creates value.
  • It creates an emotional connection with your audience.
  • Branding shows that you’re a professional and serious about your business.
  • It keeps you focused on what’s right for your business. (no shiny object syndrome)
  • Branding supports your marketing and sales strategies.
  • It helps you create patterns, products, and services that align with your business.

Branding is an essential part of your overall business strategy. The three main parts of your business strategy must work together in order to create a successful and profitable business. So, remember:

  • Branding Attracts
  • Marketing Promotes
  • Selling Generates Income

Building and growing a profitable business can be hard if crafters don't know who you are or what you offer. Make your business unique, make it memorable and market and sell the hell out of it. It's time to get your Branding in order!

If you want to do an Audit of your Branding to see if and where you need help, download the free Brand Audit Workbook from the L Knits Resource Library. Sign up below to get access. 

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