Do You Know Your Crafting Customer?

The one thing you can do to transform the power of your business is to identify and understand who your customer is.

You’ve been designing for a while, but you haven’t received much traction. You have a few sales a month, a small subscriber list and little social media engagement. You’re busy designing and putting out product but it all seems in vain. 

You’re wondering what you’re doing wrong. I have one question for you:

Who’s your Ideal Crafter?

If you don’t know who your ideal crafting customer is, there’s a good chance you’re not selling much. In order to inspire someone to buy, you have to understand who they are and they in turn, they need to feel that understanding from you.

You must identify and understand your target audience if you want to engage with and persuade them to buy patterns from you. Sales is all about communicating that you understand who your customer is, what they need and you know how to deliver it to them. 

Business building is all about communication, which is why engaging on social media and regularly tending to your email subscribers is so important. You’re building a relationship that’s built on trust and communication, just like any other valuable relationship. You don’t want your ideal customers dumping you only to find out through social media that they have a blossoming new relationship with another designer. 

Why you need to KNOW who your ideal crafter is

Knowing exactly who your ideal crafters are is one of the core foundations in your pattern design business. Without knowing who you’re designing for, you’ll probably attract the wrong type of crafter; crafters who won’t value what you do or who you are. 

Besides, if you’re not clear on exactly who you’re trying to reach, all of your website content, social media content and marketing and sales efforts are going to be too general and too generic to inspire anyone to make a purchase from you. This will kill your confidence and your business.

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of wanting to sell to everybody. But, when you do that you are breaking one of the most important laws of marketing:

Everyone is NOT your customer.  

If you’re trying to sell patterns to every knitter or crocheter, you’re not going to really sell to anyone because there are just as many different types of crafters as there are types of yarn and each one of them is looking for something that relates specifically to them. If you try to market to every knitter or crocheter, your message will be completely boring, forgettable, and lost in an ever-increasing sea of marketing noise. 

Why you need to UNDERSTAND who your customer is

Once you know who your ideal customer is, 

  • Designing
  • Writing Copy for your Patterns, 
  • Writing Emails  
  • Creating Social Media Content 
  • Creating Blog Content 
  • Branding your Website 
  • Creating a Branding Message 

These all become so much easier and more effective. You also save so much time and energy focusing your efforts on reaching a specific group of crafters instead of getting overwhelmed by trying to reach everybody. 

Identifying and understanding your customers also increases your chances of attracting people who are genuinely a good fit for your business, and that’s going to make running your business a lot more fun and a lot more profitable. Your designs and message will resonate with the right crafter because it’s based on a real emotional understanding instead of general assumptions.

A lot of designers define their customers in terms of their demographics like age, class, gender, profession, etc. The problem with this is that it really doesn’t do much to help you create a powerful marketing message. 

What motivates crafters into making a purchase?

Its time to stop thinking in terms of traditional demographics and start thinking more about psychographics. Understanding why crafters buy is essential to getting more people to do the same. Once you understand why people do what they do, it’s easy to communicate with them in a way that resonates with them. 

People buy with their hearts, not their heads. Emotion is what makes most people buy. A crafter may justify that $200.00 yarn purchase with logic and reason, but it’s how that yarn makes her feel that triggered that purchase. When you know your customer you can reach them at the heart level. You can appeal to what motivates them. 

Think about what they knit or crochet. What’s their favorite project or yarn? What fears do they have about approaching a pattern or new technique? How can you fit into that picture? How can you help them confidently create what they want? What is it that separates you from the next designer? These are some of the questions we’ll explore in The Design Your Audience Workbook.

You must be willing to build a relationship and connect with your audience on an emotional level to turn the into customers. That doesn’t mean you have to become their best friend. It means that when they see your patterns, visit your website or read your copy they connect with you enough to see themselves. You can’t make this type of connection is you’re trying to reach everybody.

What Marketing Isn’t

Marketing isn’t about forcing someone to buy something they don’t want or need. It’s about creating a desire for your patterns. It's about showing your current and prospective customers that you design what they want to craft. It’s about creating your tribe, possessing a set of values and giving your customer a knitting or crochet experience. 

Being able to do this starts with understanding who you’re designing for, what’s motivating your customers to buy from you and how effectively are you communicating to them right now.

DESIGN YOUR AUDIENCE is an important part creating a unique Craft Branding Experience for crafters that is as unique as you are. 

Designing your perfect audience will:

  • Help you with create the right content to attract the right crafter
  • Help you reach the right crafters through marketing and promotion
  • Get more engagement on social media by posting what your crafters want to see
  • Build the right following for you so you can sell more products and services

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Sticks & String,