All about Landing Pages

Ever wondered what a landing page is and how to use them in your business? This easy tutorial includes everything you need to know to help you launch and promote that pattern bundle, ebook, course or lead magnet.

What’s a Landing Page?

Technically, it’s any page your reader lands on in when they visit your website. But from a marketing perspective, it’s a stand alone page that's used to persuade your website traffic to complete a specific action. Including:

  • Signing up for your Newsletter
  • Purchasing a product or service
  • Pre-selling a product or service
  • Promoting a product or service

Every pattern page on Ravelry is actually a landing page. The pattern page is a stand alone page where the only thing you can do is learn more about a particular pattern, purchase it and the materials used to create it. Amazon is another site that’s made up of thousands of landing pages.

Why you need Landing Pages

Readers are becoming more and more blind to the usual email subscription box placements and pop-ups can be annoying. This means that you have to be more strategic about directing your website traffic and in how you promote your products and services. 

With all the other information on web pages, subscription boxes have to compete for your reader’s attention. With information overload, these boxes work less and less because reader’s tend to only zoom in on what they’re looking for. 

A landing page a single, focused objective; to get readers to subscribe or make a purpose. They’re easy to promote because they have their own URL. You can create social media images and promote them on you feeds.

You can use a landing page as your homepage especially if you’re running a promotion, but usually a homepage serves as an introduction to your business and contains vital information that lets a reader know immediately what you and who your ideal audience is.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two types of landing pages:

  • Click-Through
  • Lead Generation

Click-Through Landing Page

A click-through landing page is used a sales page. It gives your reader a detailed description of your product or service and uses persuasive copywriting to entice a purchase. It’s a marketing tool used to educate and convince. 

A click through page usually only has two options: 

  • Make a Purchase (by clicking the Call-to-Action CTA button)
  • Return to the Homepage

Lead Generation Page

A Lead Generation page is used to collect email addresses. The sole purpose of this type of landing page is to offer a Lead Magnet as an incentive to capture a reader’s name and email so they can be added to your newsletter subscribe list. This page is directly connected to your email service provider.

Elements of a Landing Page

There’s no exact formula for crafting the perfect landing page but they should contain essential elements to be effective.

Essential Elements:

  • Attention Grabbing Headline
  • Descriptive Subheading
  • Product or Service Image
  • List of Features and Benefits
  • Social Proof or testimonies
  • Opt-in Form
  • Call to Action Button

Landing pages are a great way to strategically guide your website traffic. They help shine a spotlight on your products and services. To make sure you get themes from your landing pages, subscribe below to download your FREE Landing Page Guidebook. You’ll get tips that help you:

  • Write Headlines
  • Craft Features and Benefits
  • Design Call to Action Buttons
  • Market Your Landing Page
  • Checklists for both types of Landing Pages
  • List of References and Resources

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