How to use Lead Magnets to get more Subscribers

Are you having a hard time getting subscribers?
Is the traffic to your website low or non-existent? 

Here's a step-by-step tutorial to using Opt-in Lead Magnets to get more Crochet and Hand Knit  crafters to subscribe to your website newsletter. Download your FREE Lead Magnet Promotion Guide.

I know that if you’re not generating traffic you’re not generating sales. You’re tired of waiting for crafters to happen across your patterns or website while scrolling through Ravelry or Pinterest. You want and need targeted traffic that leads to more subscribers and sales. What you need is an incentive to entice crafters to visit your site and subscribe. What you need is a lead magnet opt-in.  

An opt-in lead magnet is a FREE incentive you give away to crafters who visit your website to convert them into subscribers to your newsletter. 

Why is a Lead Magnet important?

  • It gives a crafter an introduction to your design and pattern writing style
  • It introduces the type of projects, products and content on your website
  • It’s the first step in building a relationship with your newsletter subscribers
  • This relationship helps create a loyal customer for your patterns and related products

Content Upgrades

A Content Upgrade is different from a Lead Magnet. A content upgrade is extra information or related content that’s offered at the end of a blog post. A content upgrade complements the blog post and is used as an incentive to subscribe to the newsletter list. 

Content upgrades rarely beat the conversion rates of an opt-in lead magnet. A content upgrade is specific to the information in your blog post. Your lead magnet should be specific to your area of expertise and solves one crafting problem that your target audience will have. 

The Goal of a Lead Magnet

The goal of your opt-in lead magnet is to convert crafters into loyal visitors of your website and repeat buyers of your patterns & products.

You can help your new subscriber purchase their first pattern (when their excitement about your business is high) by designing a larger project that complements your opt-in and including information and a selling link in your follow-up welcome email series. We’ll discuss a welcome email series in a future newsletter. 

What should you offer?

Your opt-in has to accurately represent the content of your business as well as be something your target audience will value. You have to be intentional about what you offer and it has to tie into the core purpose of your business.

As a yarn craft design business, your opt-in could a small well-designed project that showcases your best skills or expertise. 

If lace is what you do best, offer a free small lace scarf or lace fingerless mitts. Include an affiliate link to the yarn and tools you used. It’s a good practice to change the pattern every year or so to attract new subscribers. 

Your opt-in should be the only free product you offer. You’re a talented craftsperson and the time and money you spend on your work is valuable. You should be paid for it.

When brainstorming what to offer, think about what your ideal customer is going through. Don’t just offer a project. Think about what your reader would need from you in order to become a better crafter. Think about the stages to craft mastery.

  • What are they struggling with? 
  • What could you teach them to make them more proficient? 
  • Are your readers at the beginning of their crafting journey? 
  • Do you offer more challenging projects?

Be very purposeful with choosing your lead magnet. Make sure it’s something your reader would want; not something they should want. Make it something they need right now. Give them a craft solution. 

Why should you have an Lead Magnet opt-in Incentive?

You know that people are attracted to free stuff and having an opt-in freebie is definitely an attention getter. Having a Free Lead Magnet is a way to get attention for YOUR business. 

A Lead Magnet is a sample of the type of content and design aesthetic a new subscriber can expect from you. It helps you attract the right knitter or crocheter to your design style.

The intention of a lead magnet is to give your audience a glimpse of who you are and what you do. Make sure your lead magnet is a good representation of what you offer. If you’re primarily a shawl designer, don’t offer a hat. Offer a small shawl project.

This is why I advise niche designing. With a niche, you’re able to concentrate on and specialize in one area. 

You don’t want to attract crafters who only sign up to get a free pattern or who only purchases one of your products (although you will get those). You want a loyal audience who repeatedly purchases from you because they’re drawn to your design style & branding message. 

In order to do this, you must give your customer a great crafting experience. This experience begins the minute they subscribe to your newsletter and includes the content you share in your newsletters.

Now, how do you get the word out about your awesome new lead magnet and on a budget? I’ve got a FREE guidebook that will give you 5 free ways to market and promote your opt-in lead magnet.

Your lead magnet, just like any other product you create and offer, isn’t effective until crafters know it exisits. Limited exposure equals limited subscribers.

On the these nine pages are ways to help you get the word out about your awesome Lead Magnet offer.

Lead magnets are a great incentive to increase your newsletter subscriber list and is a vital part of your email marketing strategy.

Sticks & String,