Start Your Pattern Design Business

If you’ve been wanting to start your own Crochet or Hand Knit Pattern Design business you couldn’t have picked a better time. People are turning away from corporate structures, employment and economic uncertainties and setting up their own virtual shops doing what they love.

We’re in a new season of entrepreneurship. This is the first time in the history of business that so many people have been willing to become transparent and authentic about who they are and what they do and attach those values and principles to what they produce and offer in a small business.

No longer is destiny, purpose or success tied to employment. Owning your own yarn craft business is one area where your grit, persistence and patience are in direct correlation to your success.

The ability to start a business has never been this accessible. Technology has advanced to the point where you can do most of what needs to be done yourself in the comfort of wherever you happen to be. For the tasks you need to outsource, there are plenty of freelancers who are more than willing to help you. Resources like have almost everything from website design to copywriting and is another favorite for graphics and images.

Building and growing a yarn craft business can still be challenging and complex and the road to success is filled with twist and turns, steep hills and deep valleys. Entrepreneurship will be more than you ever expected it to be and there will be days that you absolutely love what you do and you’ll also have days where you don’t even want to look at a computer. You’ll work harder and longer and be pushed, pulled and stretched physically and emotionally more than you ever thought you could.

Anyone can do it but not everyone will be successful at it. The journey to profitable yarn craft entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It’s for a person with the soul of an artist and the spirit of a warrior.

One of the illusions in the craft industry is that if you are a proficient at knitting, crochet, yarn spinning and dyeing, you can operate a successful business. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Creative Skills Needed

It takes not only mastery of your craft but proficiency in the following areas as well:

  • A working knowledge of Color Theory
  • An understanding of the basic characteristics of Natural and Synthetic Fibers
  • A knowledge of Design Principles and Elements
  • The ability to Draw, Sketch and visually Communicate your Ideas

Business Skills Needed

To successfully build and grow a profitable business you need the following skills:

  • Technical computer skills for Website Development, Design and Blogging
  • The ability to create and stick to business Plans, Systems and Strategies
  • Financial Planning and Bookkeeping knowledge
  • Marketing and Branding expertise
  • Copywriting and Content Creation

Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Now, don’t get scared off. I know it’s a lot and it seems intimidating but if it were easy, everyone with sticks and string would be doing it.

In your journey to entrepreneurship, sometimes the biggest obstacle isn’t developing the practical skillset you need to build your business. it's tackling the resistance in your own head. Issues of self-confidence, faith in your vision and the belief that you can actually do this will repeatedly pop-up, distract you, depress you and make it hard for you to move forward. Every entrepreneur goes through this. Although, not every one can overcome it.

These fears stop most businesses from gaining traction and prevailing until their goals are reached. What most business people come to realize is that the enemy isn’t your competition, customer criticisms or the inability to learn new skills; it’s the person in the mirror who will be the one to stop you dead in your tracks.

The opportunities are abundant. There’s a great big crafty world and if you want to build and grow a profitable business, there’s a place for you. But, you have to be ready to conquer the doubtful voices in your head and push through the feelings of doubt and fear and make it happen

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Sticks & String,