The Pattern Designer's Guide to Website Traffic

You’re on Ravelry and active on social media, so why is it so important to drive traffic to your website?

It’s important because traffic to your website are like shoppers to a mall store. If you don’t have traffic, you won’t have any significant sales.

Your Website

When you list your pattern on Ravelry, you’re competing with thousands and thousands of other patterns. The beauty of your own website is that there’s no competition. 

The crafter is specifically visiting you. You don't have to fight for attention on your own website. How many times have you walked into Target and someone from Walmart is trying to get you to leave and go across the street to visit their store? Never. It’s the same with your website. You have that crafters full attention. 

Once you’ve directed traffic to your website, it’s the job of your site to greet and engage them enough to persuade them to become a regular shopper. 

To direct and manage traffic, you must know who your customer is, communicate your pattern design style, create a website and produce content that engages your ideal audience. 

Your designs and content will not attract every knitter or crocheter. You must identify what you design and who you design for. You must create your ideal audience profile and create content that appeals to them. 

If your struggling with building a framework for your pattern business, The Design Your Brand Workbook will help you:

  • Identify what you design
  • Identify who you design for
  • Develop an ideal audience profile
  • Create an ideal customer avatar
  • Learn how to engage and market to your targeted audience

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Traffic is the number of internet users who visit your website. It's measured in visits, the amount of time users spends on your site and how they navigate through your content.

  • The number of visits measure how effective you are at attracting your audience
  • The length of time users spend measures your bounce rate
  • The actions they take with your content measure how effective you are at engaging your audience

It’s not enough to simply drive traffic to your site. It’s important that your traffic be targeted

Targeted traffic means crafters come to your website because they’re interested in what you offer. 

This targeted traffic is your ‘ideal audience’. Your ideal audience are the crafters who are most likely to visit your site, engage with your content and make purchases. If your design niche is lace shawls, you want crafters who like to knit or crochet lace shawls to visiting your site, not crafters who love to crochet Amigurumi.

If you haven’t targeted your audience, The Design Your Brand Workbook will help you create an ideal audience profile based on your specific interests or specialty for your pattern design business. 

Traffic Strategies and Content

There are two types of strategies that you need drive traffic:

  1. A strategy to Direct targeted traffic to your site
  2. A strategy to Manage the traffic once they get there

Directed Traffic

There are several ways to attract and direct your ideal audience to your website.

  • Use Social Media platforms to promote your blog posts
  • Advertise using paid search, social media or display advertising 
  • Create awesome, targeted content
  • Craft magnetic headlines
  • Pay attention to SEO and key words
  • Guest Blogging
  • Create and promote beautiful patterns
  • Foster a sense of community
  • Respond to comments on your blog or social media pages
  • Be active on social media

How have you direct traffic to your website? Which methods are you willing to try?

Managed Traffic

Traffic itself is not a guarantee of sales.

You can create a beautiful website, design wonderful patterns and throw millions of visitors at it from a variety of traffic sources, and still lose money. This can happen when you don’t have a strategy to manage the traffic flow on your website.

Managing your website traffic helps to create a unique experience for your users. It gives crafters a systemized view of your business and helps them determine if they are the right audience for you. It also helps them become an active user of your website by using your Calls-to-Action. CTA's are any action a user takes to move through your website including: 

  • Signing up for your newsletter
  • Opting in to receive your Lead Magnet
  • Signing up for your content upgrade
  • Visiting your Landing Page
  • Visiting your website store
  • Making use of a discount code
  • Purchasing a pattern bundle
  • Signing up for your course
  • Signing up to get the password to your resource library
  • Following you on social media
  • Sharing your blog post
  • Commenting on your blog post

How are you managing your website traffic? What CTA's are you using?


Analytics help measure your website’s performance. This information is available to you on your site dashboard, or you can get more detailed information from Google Analytics.

Analytics measure:

  • How many visitors your site has had in a given amount of time
  • How long crafters stayed on your website (bounce rate and engagement)
  • The platforms and search engines your site visitors come from 
  • The number of users that made a purchase (conversion rate)
  • The number of users opt-ed into your subscriber list (conversion rate)
  •  User demographics information
  • The pages visited on your site (content)
  • The type of devices crafters used (site responsiveness) 

You can use this information to develop a strategy that attracts and engages your audience and helps you to generate more sales. 

Traffic and Content

Your website content should support the patterns, products and services you sell. Your blog posts, yarn reviews, book reviews, technique tutorials or any other content you create should have goals that helps to build your business.

These goals can be Tangible or Intangible.

Tangible content goals can be measured such as:

  • Opting-in for a content upgrade or lead magnet
  • Funneling your subscribers to a paid product 
  • Generating affiliate income
  • Pitching a sponsored post

Intangible content has benefits that can’t immediately be measured.

  • Using content to position yourself as an expert on a particular topic or technique
  • Creating an engaged community of followers
  • Generating trust by being consistent
  • Building brand recognition 

Whenever you create content for your website, make sure it has a tangible or intangible goal that helps you build or grow your pattern design business.

The Design Your Brand Workbook will help you target, attract and engage your ideal crafting audience.

Let me know in the comments below what methods do you use to target, attract and engage your audience and how do you drive traffic to your website.

If this guide to traffic helped you understand how website traffic works, you'll love the Design Your Brand workbook. Learn more about it by filling out the form below.

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