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Are you having trouble:

  • Creating interesting Blog and Social Media Content
  • Identifying and Engaging with your Ideal Audience
  • Marketing and Selling your Patterns, Products or Services
  • Writing Newsletters that engage your subscribers
  • Creating a Brand Message that’s unique to you and connects

All of these issues are based on the strength of your business foundation.

I asked myself how I could help designers with these crucial issues, so I'm creating The Designer Business Blueprint to help you build a Solid Foundation for your business to grow on. 

If you need help with any of the above business functions, it means that your pattern design business is just like any other structure that may have a few cracks in its foundation. The last thing you want is a pattern business that takes on water and leaks customers and sales. 

Download the 11-page Syllabus!

The Designer Business Blueprint was developed to help new and existing designers develop a marketing plan and growth strategy that helps to make those essential business tasks easier to manage so you can focus on building a business that's right for you and your ideal customer.

It doesn't matter if you've been designing 10 years or 10 days.... 

Here's your chance to: 

  • Create a clear vision of what you want from your business
  • Discover what motivates and drives you
  • Develop and communicate your brand message
  • Establish a design specialty
  • Identify and engage your ideal customer
  • Have a scalable growth plan developed just for you

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