Are you having trouble:

  • Creating interesting Blog and Social Media Content?
  • Identifying and Engaging with your Ideal Audience?
  • Marketing and Selling your Patterns, Products or Services?
  • Writing Compelling Newsletters or Posts?
  • Creating an impressive Brand Identity?
  • Identifying areas of Growth in your Business?

If you need help with any of the above business functions, it means that your pattern design business is just like any other structure with a few cracks in the basement. It means your business foundation may need immediate attention. The last thing you want is a pattern business that leaks customers and sales because you need clarity and focus. 

The Designer Business Blueprint was developed to help new and existing designers develop a business model that makes those essential business tasks easier to manage so you can focus on building a business that's right for you and your crafting customer. It doesn't matter if you've been designing 10 years or 10 days....

Here's your chance to: 

  • Establish a Clear Purpose for Your Business
  • Identify and Connect with Your Ideal Audience  
  • Produce and Sale Projects Targeted to Your Customers
  • Develop a Plan to Market What Sets You Apart
  • Promote an Engaging Brand Persona
  • Generate a Focused Plan for Growth 
  • Understand the 4 Core Foundations of Business and How They Work Together
  • Experience a program developed just for DESIGNERS!

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