Be Powerfully Inspired to Create Beautiful
Crochet and Hand Knit Pattern Designs!

The first thing someone asks when you design something awesome is "Where did you come up with the idea for that?" or "What was your inspiration?". Being inspired is an essential part of the Pattern Design Process but sometimes ideas can be hard to come by.

You don't have to wait for inspiration to strike.
15 Powerful Way to be Inspired is just a few steps away. 

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Be powerfully inspired to design with:

  • Unusual places to find design inspiration
  • How to use everyday experiences to draw ideas from
  • Links to resources to help you with the design process
  • Never run out of design ideas
  • Learn how to express yourself through design
  • How to look at the ordinary with a different perspective
15 Powerful Ways to be Inspired

Here's a few articles to get you started: