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A Yarn Lovin, Crafty Business Consultant, Writer, and Fanatical Knitter who is dedicated to helping creative Hand Knit and Crochet Pattern Designers like you sell more patterns and build more profitable businesses.

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I know the struggle firsthand of wanting to express your creativity and build a business you love that also supports you, your family and your dreams. Like you, I've had to work a job (or sometimes two at a time) and come home to a family who needs me while designing and mastering my craft in spare moments, I know you're hoping for the day when you can dedicate your best and most productive hours to your passion for design, craft and yarn.

There's good news! That day may be closer than you think. The internet has leveled the playing field and made it possible to build a more profitable Pattern Design Business that showcases of all your unique interests, talents and skills. If you have a vision, you can build a profitable pattern design business by using tried and true marketing, branding and business principles that have been specifically tailored for the yarn industry.

It's been a huge learning curve to get L Knits where I've always wanted it to be. I've learned a LOT and grown a LOT as a creative entrepreneur and can't wait to share it all with you so you can avoid the business sinkholes I climbed out of and get to where you want to be. 

The yarn industry operates from the heart so most of the success messages of hustling and working around the clock, just don't work in our industry. I'll be there to help you find and reach your customer with a heart centered approach by concentrating on the 3-P's of the Yarn industry. 

  • People - I'm here to help you attract the right crafters and draw them to your business
  • Process - L Knits is here to help you create systems that help streamline the way you create and do business
  • Product - I'm here to help you specialize in a creative yarn related area that helps you stand out and influence the market in a profitable way

So, whether you're just starting or up and running, or looking for a little inspiration, I’ll be there  help guide you along the way with actionable tips, inspiration and great information that's specific to what you do. My very first lesson was this:

One of the first steps in building a profitable business is making sure your Branding is in order.

Design a Business Crafters Love!

  • Before you design and promote another Pattern……
  • Before you write another Blog Post…..
  • Before you plan your Social Media content…..
  • Before you send out another Newsletter …..

You have to create a business that Attracts and Engages!

DESIGN YOUR BRAND is a 241-page workbook specifically for Pattern Designers that guides you-by-step to create a more profitable Pattern Design Business.

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