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Design Your Brand

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Got a No Audience - No Traffic - No Sales Problem?

Before you Design another Pattern……
Before you Develop your next Launch Strategy…..
Before you Market and Promote…..

You have to BRAND!

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DESIGN YOUR BRAND is your solution to creating a pattern design business that attracts, engages, connects and converts.

I know how confusing Branding can be. I’ve been there; thinking that a website, being active on social media and building a subscriber list was all it took to run a successful business.

Boy was I wrong.

I learned the hard way that there’s a big difference between a Business and a Brand. I want to make it easier for you. I don't want you to go through the years of study, research and failure. That's why I created DESIGN YOUR BRAND.

As Pattern Design Business, you can work yourself into the ground trying everything hoping that something sticks and crafters will find you, see love what you offer and buy your patterns.

As Pattern Design Brand, this workbook will help you incorporate your talents, interests and passions and strategically uses them to create a crafting experience that attracts and engages the right crafters for your business.

The biggest difference between a Business and a Brand is::

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Building a Brand is about getting out of survival mode and turning your Pattern Design business into a consistent money maker.  This workbook is about reaching the potential you know your business has. Most of all, this workbook is about your own branding -- bringing your skills, talents, personality and passions together and packaging them into a powerful identity that lifts you above a Ravelry feed of competitors.

A Brand is designed for the purpose of influencing how crafters perceive you and turning that perception into opportunity. Branding does this by telling your audience three things:

1) Who you are
2) What you do
3) What makes you different or how you create value for your target crafters 

Branding is about INFLUENCE!

Selling is tough and time-consuming. In sales, you chase a crafter who may not want to listen and make her listen.  Selling is crucial, but successful business owners all know that a strong Brand does the heavy lifting. It plants the seed of awareness and influence so your marketing and promotion can do it's job. Selling without a Brand in place is like forcing your business down the throat of the wrong audience. 

Having a strong Brand prescence is the foundation for all marketing, because every other aspect of your business identity – your logo, how your content is delivered, the types of patterns you design – is based on your branding. When you have a strong Brand out in the world working for you, you’ll attract new crafters without even trying. 

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This 241-page in-depth workbook walks you through the six crucial areas of your business to help you to excel in the digital space. Having a brand strategy in place takes the guesswork out of creating content, marketing your business and designing projects. 

  • Do you stand out from your competitors?
  • Do you know what makes your business different?
  • Do you consistently attract and engage your target crafting customers?
  • Do you know what type of content your audience wants from you?
  • Do you know how to use social media to engage crafters?
  • Do you know how to market and promote to your audience?
  • Does your audience know how to support you by buying your patterns?

Well, you can!

Online Marketing is changing and Designers have to change with it. Crafters want more than a pattern; they want a Craft Experience. DESIGN YOUR BRAND will help you create a business that attracts, engages and converts. 

Finally, here’s a branding workbook that speaks your language, that contains elements unique to Pattern Designers and the Yarn Industry.

The time you spend building your brand will get you thinking about your business in new ways. You'll create a game-plan customized for your business to grow. 

This 241-page workbook contains:

  • An understanding of what Branding is and how it benefits you
  • The 4 different types of Crafting Audiences and which one is right for you
  • How to position your business to attract the right crafters for you
  • How to create a unique visual presence that sets you apart
  • Get clear about your mission, purpose and the value you offer
  • Gain trust and credibility in the yarn industry
  • Get the interior structure of your business in order
  • Communicate in a way that attracts crafters
  • Find your ideal crafter and position yourself where they are
  • Outline your business growth plan

What makes this Branding Workbook so different from any other?

  • It's specifically tailored for Pattern Designers
  • It asks the questions that are crucial to your success in the yarn industry
  • It gives you everything you need in one place to create a unique brand presence and attract crafters
  • You'll have a complete understanding and clarity about your business and how you fit in the marketplace
  • You're creating a personalized experience for crafters that's based on the type of business that you want

Creating this for you was a labor of love. It’s the Branding Workbook I wish were available when I started designing. 


  • Designers who want to build their business into a sustainable income source. 
  • Part-time Designers who want to take their business full-time
  • Designers who want to position themselves in the yarn industry
  • Designers who want to go from hobby to business
  • Designers who know that an amazing brand presence is vital to their success
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